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Diamax Polisher Wheel Disc sale

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featuring the Cyclone MVP Pneumatic Air Polisher


  • First air polisher to be completely assembled by hand
  • Automatic oil injection system
  • Will not lose power even when pushing hard on the stone
  • Recommended RPM 5,000, Max RPM 5,500
  • Click Here to register MVP Warranty

4" White Resin Typhoon Disc

Item ID Desc. Sale Price
DMX ESTWR401 Pos.1 $13.08
DMX ESTWR402 Pos.2 $13.08
DMX ESTWR403 Pos.3 $13.08

4" 3-Step Geo Pattern Disc

Item ID Desc. Sale Price
DMX PDWG401 Pos.1 $10.58
DMX PDWG402 Pos.2 $10.58
DMX PDWG403 Pos.3 $10.58

Super Cluster Removing Grinding Wheel

Item ID Desc. Sale Price
DMX SCRG4 4" Wheel $60.77
DMX SCRG5 5" Wheel $83.75

4" Cyclone ES 7-Step White Resin

Item ID Desc. Sale Price
DMX ESHWP40050 50 $10.14
DMX ESHWP40100 100 $10.14
DMX ESHWP40200 200 $10.14
DMX ESHWP40400 400 $10.14
DMX ESHWP40800 800 $10.14
DMX ESHWP41500 1500 $10.14
Promo ends 3/31/2021